To Thrive-Listen To Your Heart

April 2019

Use your intuition and the wisdom of your heart to make decisions this year.

I have been contemplating how to make a positive difference in this time of new normal changes.  People are talking to me regarding their confusion and indecisiveness about what plans to make for their futures.  There are many voices in the media who are saying that 2019 will be a difficult year financially and politically.  It is pretty clear that around the world there are people objecting to the status quo and demanding change.  Some of these demands are being made with open dialogue other demands are sadly violent and divisive.

My experiences in life and as a therapist trained in energy psychology and using the HeartMath coherence technique, have taught me that the best path to making choices and thriving in a changing environment is to use intuition.  To access our intuition we can tune into our heart wisdom which leads us to decisions that are more inclusive and less reactive.  Reactive actions are based on our emotional brains and our defensive mechanisms.  In other words, fear.  It is well known, based on lots of research, that emotionally based reactive decisions are often very narrow in scope and tend to aggravate situations rather than bring about solutions.

Many people are afraid of the direction that the world seems to be heading in.

The problem is that when we are in fear we become reactive and we don’t always make decisions that are in our best interest.  It is important for the benefit of our individual lives and the world that we begin to focus more on heart based decisions and guidance.  We have been conditioned into living in a very reactive aggressive state of being for a long time.  We can look at the results of this and see that the world is not in a good place right now.  We have been encouraged to listen to rhetoric rather than evaluating the actions of those who claim leadership over us.  We have been told that we need to be guided by those who have led us into war and divisiveness. Each one of us can make the choice to stop following leaders who encourage aggression and violence.  It is important that we voice our dissent and stop following.

It is also true that all spiritual teachers have taught that we must look within ourselves to find the right path.

Focusing on the wisdom of the heart is what can help each person achieve that inner wisdom. No one has the answers for everyone else on the planet.  You must take responsibility for finding what is best for you.  We must all also be clear about what we know is right and what is wrong.

I would like to share this 7 minute video from the HeartMath Institute with you.  My hope is that watching it may inspire you to learn more about this practice.  If each of us begins to practice heart centered decision making the world truly can shift into a more peaceful place.  It is really up to each of us.

One reason we came to Ecuador was because the people here have a more heart centered approach to living each day.  It is a much less stressful lifestyle.  It is not perfect, but people here really do practice gratitude on a daily basis.

Maybe you are thinking about moving to Ecuador but you aren’t sure if it is the right decision for you.

By focusing on your heart wisdom and asking for guidance you might find answers that help you.  You might also discover that you can be more patient with yourself and take the time you need to explore your choices fully.  Knowledge is empowerment, enjoy.

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