NORMAL ISN’T EVERYTHING by j.iver.petersen

Normal Isn’t Everything!

( Actually, it Is Only For Sure An Appliance Setting 😉

normalcy<<< Astonishment Caught in

the Freeze-frame of a Digital

Rearview Video Mirror.

(A spontaneously unguarded

reflection from something

abnormally far from the

conceptual perception of

normality that mostly doesn’t


Our actions or the lack thereof are the revealing feature transparent

only to self. What is normal? Awareness there is to be discerning

about differences in the between of OK “normal not normal”

characters (most all of us fit in here) respecting ‘variousity;’ As

opposed to those otherwise whose extreme behavioral abnormality

actions have detrimental results upon not just self!

Dear Reader…


are likely few to have

kept perspective knowing

me tangibly better then myself.

After major surgery

a friend phoned to inquire

about my recovery.

“Almost back to normal,”

was my reply; whereupon

his response was,

” I don’t know how to tactfully

say this, but normal is not

something you ever were!”


What follows is a “Normal” Haiku…


You are not normal

But a setting for there is

Controlling printer


Ayampe Manabi Ecuador SA

13th of March 2017