New Intensive Sustainable Agriculture & Permaculture Classes at Rio Muchacho

Rio Muchacho
everyone can learn to plant at Finca Rio Muchacho

Monday, November 6, 2017 to Friday December 1, 2017 Rio Muchacho is  running a month long course on Sustainable Agriculture & Permaculture at our National Geographic endorsed organic farm. During the 4 weeks teams of experts will pair classroom learning with practical application, including composting techniques, lunar calendar crops, and beekeeping. This holistic course will be valuable for anyone who wants to live more sustainably; from people with no experience to people with theoretical expertise, but who want to put their knowledge into practice.

Accommodation and food are provided as part of the course; all meals are prepared using the ingredients we grow here at the farm. To find out more checkout our site or just ask a question here. You can also email us at .