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San Clemente is a small town south of Bahia and north of Manta.  It is a quiet little town where you will find small restaurants and stores as well as several condominium developments near the coast.

Resort Hotel and Restaurant on the Beach

There is also a very nice hotel with a gourmet restaurant called Palma Azul.

Favorite condominium complex across from the beach

A favorite expat condominium development called  is across from Palma Azul is called Vistazul pictured below.

A German Restaurant, too!

There is a hidden gem in San Clemente. Meet Torsten Meier, creator and proprietor of Cabanas Sabor de Bamboo in San Clemente.

Meier moved here from Germany several years ago. He has built a great outdoor dining area and lounge in a quiet spot just off the beach down the street from the Palm Azul Hotel.

Meier is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He also has live music on Fridays a few times a month. You will find a variety of German, Ecuadorian and American food on the menu. For example, Meier serves Goulash every Friday for lunch and dinner. Pizza is served every day after 3 PM.

You can also have a full lobster dinner with fries and different sauces for $10; but you have to call a few days ahead so Meier can get the fresh lobster for you. 098-024-3562. For breakfast you can choose from generous omelets or traditional American breakfast with homemade bread, fresh juices, good coffee and your favorite morning beverage from the bar .

Missing your favorite beer? Meier has a wide selection of real draft, IPA and Stout beers. He also has a great variety of wines and other alcohol. You can also purchase spirits in bulk from Meier. There are special prices if you buy 4 or more bottles.

Meier speaks German, Spanish and English. You will find Sabor de Bamboo in North San Clemente, on Punta Bikini. The restaurant is towards the end of the road. FaceBook page: