Foot Bridge on Canoa Beach


Canoa is a popular beach for surfing and for long walks with great sunsets.  Canoa is small town just north of Bahia de Caraquez along the coast.  You will find small restaurants and a variety of hostels and shops.



Places to stay around Canoa


Canoa-Beach-Hotel-GroundsCanoa Beach Hotel is located on the main highway along the coast between Briceno and Canoa. Coming from Bahia, you will see a bright sign on the right that points to the entrance road of the hotel which is on the West side of the road. You can reach the hotel and restaurant by taking a taxi or bus. The grounds are truly beautiful and relaxing. The hotel features a great outdoor patio lounge and restaurant with wonderful food. The ambiance is relaxing-exotic where the bamboo, wood and brick cabana compliment the beautiful gardens and the ocean beach. The owner, Greg and the bartender speak English.

Location: Km16 via Jama, Canoa

Telephone:  011 593 5-258-8062 or 011 593 98-519-8507