Bahia weather.

Bahia has a warm humid season and a cooler lower humidity season.  The cooler and drier season is during the moths of August, September and October.  Average temperatures are 80.6F with an average low of 70F. The lower humidity continues from November to February, the average humidity during these months is around 65%.

The temperatures start increasing around March and it is typically rainy during the months of March, April and May.  The average high temperature is 84.2F an the average low is 75.2F.  The humidity is around 90%.   In June and July the temperatures again begin to decrease.  The average highs are around 80F and the average lows are around 69F.

Need Help Finding Your Way in Bahia?  Hire A Facilitator.

Ivan Villano Villamar Chavez

Cell:  (593) 098-356-8706
Ivan is fully bilingual and was born in Bahia.  He has experience assisting expats with a wide range of services including managing your property while you are away and paying your utility bills.  Please let him know you were recommended by Deb and Randy at Thriving In The New Normal.

Real Estate in Bahia and surrounding area:

John Vollmecke, Ecuador Homes and Land

WhatsApp: +593 98 873 4784

Mobile Phone: +593 959 712 169


John is a licensed Real Estate agent with years of experience in the US.  He lives in the area and provides honest and ethical representation.

Best Margaritas in Bahia?

H Sports Bar on the Malecon.

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Music from Bahia.

Nicolas Pablo CD CoverNicolas Pablo is a musician who lives in Bahia de Caraquez. He plays guitar and performs around town for private parties and events. He speaks English. Here is a link to a song he wrote entitled Bahia de Noche de Luna Llena Bahia Song. The song is on an album that he produced with his brother Hector.  Nicholas says that “The music is my life.  Composing and playing songs is the most wonderful life a musician can have”.

You can read more about it on this website: