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NOTICEThis site was formerly called Bahia-Ecuador-Expats and is currently under reconstruction.  We have deleted some of the old content and created new tabs. We will be changing the site over the next several weeks.  Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will join us on the creation journey.

Thinking about moving out of the US or Canada? 

Looking for a way to live a less stressful life?  THRIVING IN THE NEW NORMAL  blog is all about thriving in the new normal as an expat in Ecuador.

Thriving in the new normal is about change, lots of it.

Changing your life by moving to a new country is about  psychological and spiritual adjustments changing from the “old normal life” to thriving in the new normal world that you are creating.

Don’t know how you can make money in a new country?

We will share life styles and ways that people are earning money in the new normal.  Thriving is about following your passion.  You might not make the amount of money you are making in your current job, but living expenses can be a lot less in Ecuador than in North America. We look forward to sharing ideas and learning from each other.

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  • Want to explore life in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador?  The province of Imbabura is about one and half hours north of Quito.  To learn about life in this region which includes Cotacachi,  Ibarra, and Otavalo click on the tab Cotacachi Ecuador Living

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